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Myths and Facts About Steroid Injections

You’ve probably heard that steroid injections can help inflammatory conditions like arthritis. You may also have heard that they can make you gain weight. Our doctors bust the myths and present the facts about steroid shots.

Jul 8th, 2019
3 Things You May Not Know About Microsurgery

A catastrophic injury or condition that causes pain and dysfunction in your fingers, hands or arms may leave you in despair of ever being “whole” again. In many cases, microsurgery restores physical function, health, and hope.

Jan 14th, 2019
Recognize the Symptoms of Trigger Finger

Fingers that pop spontaneously or when you straighten them, or fingers that remain bent permanently may have a condition called trigger finger, an inflammation of the tendon sheath. Treatment ranges from physical therapy to surgery.

Nov 15th, 2018
How to Prepare for Carpal Tunnel Surgery

The pain and loss of strength from severe carpal tunnel syndrome can affect your daily life, including the quality of your sleep. Preparing for carpal tunnel release surgery is simple and improves your chances for a successful, speedy recovery.

Oct 15th, 2018
What You Need to Know About Rotator Cuff Injuries

We don’t think about the stress we put on our bodies until something goes wrong. All of us, at some point, will face some level of nagging pain or even injury based on our lifestyles. Granted, there is a difference between a slight ache in the morning and

Aug 21st, 2017
Shoulder Recovery Miracle

One of hardest things for patients to accept and believe is the extremely long time it takes for proper healing and rehabilitation after shoulder surgery.

Mar 13th, 2016
Why Patients Should Pay Doctors Directly

If you want to find the very best doctor for your shoulder problem (or any medical problem for that matter) you won’t find much helpful information by calling your insurance company or even your regular doctor in most instances.

Nov 10th, 2015
Shoulder Dislocation – Surgery a Better Option?

A recent article in the Washington Post highlights the difficult decision making process Paul Casey (professional golfer) faced to determine the best course of treatment after he dislocated his shoulder recently.

Oct 20th, 2014
The Right Decision for Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder pain surgery should not be taken lightly because the shoulder is the most complex joint in the body. Rather than just one joint the entire set of muscles, nerves, and joints involved in moving our upper extremities is called the shoulder complex.

Oct 20th, 2014
Find the Correct Shoulder Injury Diagnosis

Shoulder pain – This can be difficult at all levels including professional athletes- highlighted with the recent episode involving professional pitcher Stephen Strasburg.

Oct 20th, 2014
Skill Matters: The Surgeon IS The Method

A study in which experienced surgeons submitted samples of their work for evaluation by an anonymous panel finds a large variation in technical skill. Now come questions about what is to be done with the information.

Oct 20th, 2014
Complex Repair: Case Report #1

Many of our patients ask us for a video of their surgery and with this article we are starting a case series approach where the video of a particular patient’s surgery will be posted along with some highlights of the case to hopefully serve an educational

Oct 20th, 2014
Injuries-Broken Shoulder Bones

An excellent recent article nicely reviews current thinking for collarbone (clavicle) fractures. Treatment of many shoulder girdle fractures (broken bones) has followed a cyclical or pendulum trajectory in thinking every decade.

Oct 20th, 2014
Capsule Tear

There can be many causes for an unstable shoulder as outlined in this recent article.

Oct 20th, 2014
Failed Rotator Cuff Surgery

Failed rotator cuff surgery or a re-injury can be a very frustrating and complex issue for both the surgeon and more importantly the patient. Part of the problem in getting a better handle on the issue is that we don’t have a uniformly accepted set of sta

Oct 20th, 2014
Top Indiana Shoulder Surgeons

Among the list of multiple physicians across many specialties, Dr. Vivek Agrawal was chosen as the only top Indianapolis physicians among the list focusing entirely on shoulder surgery.

Oct 7th, 2014
Shoulder Separation is a Common Injury

Shoulder Separation also referred to as AC (acromioclavicular) dislocation or AC separation is a very common injury typically as a result of a direct force on the top of the acromion (shoulder blade) or fall on an outstretched hand.

Oct 7th, 2014
Osteoporosis and Rotator Cuff Tear

Osteoporosis and loss of bone mineral density (BMD) are well known to increase the risk of fractures, but reduced BMD and osteoporosis also play a role in rotator cuff tears.

Oct 7th, 2014