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If You Have Intense Elbow Pain, It Could Be Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Intense Elbow Pain Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Arizona Center for Hand to Shoulder Surgery

No, cubital tunnel syndrome isn’t an autocorrect mistake. Although carpal tunnel syndrome is better known, cubital tunnel syndrome, too, can cause bothersome symptoms in your arms and hands. It’s less commonly diagnosed than carpal tunnel, but research shows that it’s also under-diagnosed, partly because a good number of people fail to seek diagnosis or treatment. If you’re experiencing intense elbow pain, cubital tunnel syndrome could be the culprit.

If you think you may have cubital tunnel syndrome, contact our experts at Arizona Center for Hand to Shoulder Surgery.

Cubital tunnel syndrome basics

Also known as ulnar neuropathy, cubital tunnel syndrome happens when nerve compression increases pressure in a particular area, such as your wrist, arm, or elbow. Symptoms may include:

In severe cases that are left untreated, cubital tunnel syndrome can lead to claw-like hand deformity.

Cubital tunnel syndrome causes

Most anyone can develop cubital tunnel syndrome, but it’s more likely if you:

Cubital tunnel syndrome diagnosis

If you show signs of cubital tunnel syndrome, your doctor may be able to diagnose it through a physical exam. They may also order an electromyography — which uses electrodes to measure the health of your nerve cells and muscles — to confirm the diagnosis and assess the severity of your condition.

Cubital tunnel syndrome treatment

Once you’re diagnosed with cubital tunnel syndrome, there are numerous treatment options that can help do away with your severe elbow pain and other symptoms. If you have minimal pressure on the nerve, conservative treatments should work. These include:

More severe cases of cubital tunnel syndrome may require surgery to reposition the affected nerve, shave off a small amount of bone, or divide a ligament for improved function. Recovery from the procedure may involve restrictions on elbow movements, as well as rehabilitation therapy. Within several months, you should regain full wrist and hand strength.

To find out if you have cubital tunnel syndrome and how we can help, call Arizona Center for Hand to Shoulder Surgery today or request an appointment on our website.

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