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Second Opinion: Long Distance Options for Shoulder Solutions

A second opinion even if it is the third, fourth or fifth opinion can be the best option to find the correct diagnosis and solution to your failed shoulder surgery. Patients are increasingly traveling across the country and around the world to seek out the best solutions for their shoulder. An online second opinion may also be a good first step before making the commitment to travel a long distance to see a shoulder specialist. In a recent story on CNN about the increasing popularity and value of online second opinions, Dr. John Santa, director of the Consumer Reports Health Ratings Center said, ā€œIā€™m really impressed with these services. They provide access to some of the most knowledgeable specialty physicians in the world.ā€

The most common reasons patients come to Arizona Center for Hand to Shoulder Surgery for a second opinion are:

Often, even if the correct diagnosis is established, the procedures recommended may not be the most advanced and state-of-the-art options. Also, patients are increasingly recognizing the importance of seeing a shoulder specialist to get the best possible outcome even if it means travelling long distances. For physicians, it can often be difficult to find a true tertiary care shoulder specialist nearby whom has performed thousands of shoulder surgeries, so a referral to Arizona Center for Hand to Shoulder Surgery offers their patients the comfort of making even the most complex shoulder problems seem manageable.

For patients who are unable to visit the Arizona Center for Hand to Shoulder Surgery in Indiana, we also offer the option of a remote consultation or second opinion. This option is available to both patients and physicians. Although there is no replacement for an in-person clinical evaluation, out-of-state patients may benefit from an outside consultation. Dr. Agrawal will phone or e-mail you or your physician to discuss your case and which, if any, further diagnostic tests or surgical procedures he feels you may be a candidate.

To make the most of your remote second opinion at Arizona Center for Hand to Shoulder Surgery please take some time to gather your medical records including:

Put these together with a cover letter that includes:

Currently, we do not charge a fee to provide a remote second opinion; however, we do ask that you please include in your cover letter the prepaid method you would like to have your items returned. You should prepare a return address label and enclose sufficient postage to be applied to your envelope. We cannot be responsible for lost films via U.S. mail, etc.

Please contact us to arrange either an in person evaluation or a remote second opinion/consultation here at Arizona Center for Hand to Shoulder Surgery.

Vivek Agrawal, MD

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