Top Indiana Shoulder Surgeons

While many orthopedic surgeons perform shoulder surgery, only a few orthopedic surgeons perform only shoulder surgery. Many consider the shoulder to be the most complicated joint in the body, and shoulder surgery has had revolutionary advances in the last few years. Along with the development of arthroscopic (small incision using fiber optic microscopic) techniques that allow almost all injuries to be repaired without a large incision, options for reconstruction and joint replacement by shoulder specialists are now available offering solutions for patients living with debilitating shoulder problems; even if they have had a shoulder surgery in the past that didn’t provide adequate results. Our focus and dedication to shoulder surgery was recently recognized in the 2012 Top Doctors Issue of Indianapolis Monthly. Among the list of multiple physicians across many specialties, Dr. Vivek Agrawal was chosen as the only top Indianapolis physicians among the list focusing entirely on shoulder surgery. 

Click here to watch a video of Dr. Agrawal, one of the Best Shoulder Surgeons in US.

Vivek Agrawal, MD

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