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Adhesive Capulitus Stretching


Before starting, take a moment to review some information about Frozen Shoulder.

Remember for best results gently stretch your shoulder as shown for a brief period at least 4-5 times daily. We also recommend a stretching session as the first thing every morning and the last thing every evening. If you allow too much time between stretching sessions, your shoulder will tend to stiffen up again preventing you from making progress.

For each stretch first relax your shoulder completely, push your arm gently as far as possible trying to push just slightly beyond the limit each time. Hold this stretch for 20-30 seconds and relax. These small victories are the fastest way to achieving both pain relief and motion.

Supine Forward Flexion: We prefer to have you do this lying down because it puts gravity on your side, making it easier to relax your shoulder. Leave your arm completely relaxed and elbow bent. Let gravity gradually straighten your arm. You should have the sensation of your arm being pulled over your head.

Supine External Rotation: While you are lying down turn to your affected side (left in all these pictures).

A small pillow or rolled up towel under
your other shoulder can help
provide support and comfort.


Now, slowly push your wrist away from
your body and hold the stretch for
20 seconds. Bring it back and relax.


Next, gently push your arm away from
your side keeping your elbow bent.


Now, push your wrist slowly while
staying relaxed and hold the stretch
at the end for 20 seconds.


Bring it back to neutral and relax.

Supine Internal Rotation: While maintaining the starting position from your last stretch, grasp your wrist on top as shown.

Push your wrist down and hold the stretch for 20 seconds.

Cross Arm Adduction: With your arm relaxed you will now be pulling it across your body to stretch the back of your shoulder. You can do this either lying down or sitting as shown.

You’re finished! Remember to repeat these at least 4-5 times daily for the best results.

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