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Different Types of Shoulder Pain


Shoulder pain is a very common complaint responsible for millions of doctor visits each year. Shoulder pain can result from literally hundreds of causes.

Nerves are ultimately responsible for signaling pain and the shoulder is surrounded by a rich network of nerves- many are on their way to other sites in the body- sometimes pain or injury in one area of the body is actually felt in another area. This is sometimes called referred pain. Some common sources of referred shoulder pain include but are not limited to pain or disease in the gallbladder, liver, lung, diaphragm, heart, and neck (cervical spine). Some diseases-like diabetes- that cause neuropathy or alter the body’s ability to feel pain can also increase the risk for shoulder problems. Injury, overuse, arthritis, and genetics along with routine wear and tear can also play an important role in shoulder pain.

An accurate diagnosis identifying the cause of your shoulder pain should be the first priority. Successful treatment of shoulder pain really depends on identifying the cause of your shoulder pain. A shoulder specialist can not only help provide an accurate diagnosis for your shoulder pain, but also offer innovative treatments to allow you to return to your regular routine as quickly as possible. Click here to watch a video about should pain.

The most common reasons patients seek treatment with us include:

Shoulder surgery has been recommended by another physician

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